Okay, so it isn't SNAP. Seriously, it feels like just a snap of the fingers and our babies are graduating. Snap, she is graduating.

I look at my daughter and think that I wasn't that young when I was a senior. Snap, I'm the father of a senior.

I remember my all night party and the fun I had with my friends. I'm typing this today but my mind is replaying the "psychic" predicting I was going to marry someone from that party (news alert, I did not). Snap, there's an all night party for our kids this June.

I looked at the schedule for the party and I saw that it ends at 4:00 AM - SNAP!

SNAP - the Senior All Night Party is coming, their graduation is coming - SNAP


We are volunteer parents of seniors (really, when did they get so old?) who are working to make their last days of high school as memorable as possible.  Help us with your ideas, suggestions, comments, and participation.

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